Columbia Birth Center



  Why would you want to give birth in a birth center instead of a hospital?

    The birth center is:

  •       small, intimate, calm and home-like
  •       warm and supportive, welcoming of your family and friends
  •       attended by people you know (your midwife and doula)
  •       free from routine or unnecessary procedures that carry some risks
          for healthy women
  •       free from infectious disease
  •       less expensive - especially important for those whose insurance
          requires a co-pay
  •       a place where birth is celebrated as a major life transition rather
          than a medical event

  Why a midwife?

      Midwives are experts in normal birth and pregnancy, are trained to recognize variations from the normal, and can treat such problems or refer the woman to other specialists as needed.

      Midwives offer:

  •       personalized care
  •       longer appointments
  •       care that is up to date on the latest medical and midwifery research
  •       the same midwife caring for mother and baby throughout pregnancy,
          labor, and post-partum
  •       appropriate use of technologies

  What is a Doula?

        Doula is a Greek word meaning "woman who serves." Doulas are trained assistants who provide physical and emotional support and advice to women and their families during labor and birth. This includes help and advice on comfort measures, medical procedures, and postpartum care.

  Is it safe?

      Numerous studies show that birth in a birth center is as safe
      or safer than at a hospital if:

  •       the woman has had a healthy pregnancy
  •       the woman is cared for by a midwife or doctor who is skilled and
          experienced in out of hospital births
  •       there are hospital facilities close by which welcome women who
          transfer to a hospital because they need a medical procedure

Columbia Birth Center has strict safety policies and all the emergency equipment and medications required by the State Department of Health. It is also nationally accredited by the Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers. These ensure the highest standard of care for women and babies

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